Page 38 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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TCG hosted the 2nd Engineering Association of Medi- terranean Countries (EAMC) General Assembly Meet- ing on 12-14 May 2017 in Rethymno, Crete. Mr. Aris Chat- zidakis is EAMC’s ExBo Member and Mr. Nikos Zygouris is the Chairman of EAMC’s Technical Committee for Infra- structure and Construction. The General Assembly Meet- ing followed the organization of a Technical Event under the title “Upgrading existing bridges, architectural and structural concerns”.
• A MoU has been signed between the TCG and the Cyprus Scienti c and Technical Chamber aimed at the Autono- mous Development of Cyprus & Greece. Furthermore, an Event on “The Strategy of the Independent Develop- ment of the South Eastern Mediterranean Region, no- tably among Greece, Cyprus and Israel, with a special focus on Innovation, Environment, Energy, Construc- tion, Cultural Heritage and Tourism” was organized in Athens on June 2016.
Workshop on Financial Instruments for the Greek Mar- ket (Athens, 6 October 2016): It was organized under the Auspices of the Ministry of Interior & Administrative Reconstruction and with the Support of the Representa- tion of the European Commission. The Workshop aimed to disseminating valuable information about the latest EU Financial Instruments that could boost growth in the country. Among the distinguished invited speakers were Mr. Miguel Gil- Tertre, Member of Cabinet of Vice – Presi- dent Jyrki Katainen, Mrs. Anna Krzyzanowska, Head of Unit ‘’Investment in High – Capacity Networks’’, DG Con- nect, Mrs. Martine Diss, Deputy Head of Unit, COSME Fi- nancial Instruments, Mr. George Kolivas, Policy Analyst, Regional & Urban Policy – Smart & Sustainable Growth and Mr. Alexandros Sotiriou, Policy Of cer, Connecting Europe – Infrastructure Investment Strategies, DG Move.

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