Page 39 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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   • Forum on “Greece as Southeastern & East Med Energy Gas Forum”, Athens, 27 September 2017.
Mrs. Monika Ekstrom, Head of Political Reporting and Policy Analysis at the EC Representation in Athens and Mr. Didier Sire, Head of sectoral programmes of the World Energy Council (WEC) addressed an opening speech. (photos 7 & 8)
• The Hellenic World Energy Council Committee had a meeting with Mr. Einari Kisel, Regional Manager, Europe of the World Energy Council - WEC (Athens, 10 May 2017).
• Participation in 4th Greek Tourism Expo 2017 (De- cember 2017): TCG exhibited a Bioclimatic Hotel Room Prototype using RES. TCG in cooperation with the Greek Section of UIA (International Union of Architects) and the International Working Programme “Architecture & Re- newable Energy UIA-ARES” organized a call for architec- tural ideas on construction a standard bioclimatic room provided the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Bio- climatic Design. (photos 9 &10)
• Mrs. Antonia Moropoulou, President of TCG Assembly, received the SEFI Fellowship Award, Azores on Septem- ber 2017.

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