Page 36 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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 These developments were part of the process of realigning the activities of DVT. The central goals of the realignment are
• to strengthen DVT in its function as the German National Committee of FEANI,
• to support DVT in the coordination of the German posi- tions on engineering education and the professional de- velopment of engineers,
• to develop DVT into the organization responsible for the international representation of the interest of German engineers,
• and to facilitate the development of DVT into a platform for communication and information exchange of all its member associations.
On 1 September 2015, CSVTS, FEANI, HIS, Universidade do Porto and ZID Maribor joined VDI in a project co- nanced by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. The goal was to develop a system for the documentation and validation of non-formal and informal learning of engineers as an add-on to the engineering card.
In the  rst phase (Sept. 2015-Aug. 2016), the project team developed a blueprint for the documentation and evaluation process and a draft concept consisting of an introduction, general background information on non-formal and informal learning, a chapter on methodology and an explanation of the envisaged process. The second year of the project (Oct. 2016-August 2017) saw the integration of the different drafts into a consistent concept. In addition, the team focussed on the development of a prototype to serve as a model for the possible integration of the  nal concept into already existing engineering card systems. The project was a full success and the German National Agency for Erasmus+ (NA BIBB) has made the results accessible on
the Erasmus+ dissemination platform. FEANI head of ce has also distributed the results within FEANI.
In 2017, DVT begun implementing regular members’ for a on a national level. The idea is to give all member organisa- tions of DVT the opportunity to discuss topics of common interest. At the heart of these fora, there will be presenta- tions of best-practice examples by members. The  rst forum was on engineering education (December 2017). The second forum will be on the entire spectrum of measures taken by the different member organisations of DVT to inspire young people to become engineers (February 2018). This new concept is part of the process begun in 2016 that aims at restructuring DVT into an information and communication platform for its members and of focussing on engineering topics.
The DVT board decided in March 2017 to suspend the exercise of paragraph 5.4b (special cases) of the EUR ING Guide. Paragraph 5.4b of the FEANI ‘EUR ING Guide’ is not in accordance with German state law. In Germany, the “Ingenieurgesetze” (engineering laws) on state level protect the professional title “Ingenieur” in all its combinations, e.g. Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, etc. Therefore, it is now only possible for persons who are entitled by German law to carry the professional title “Ingenieur” (academic education) to apply for the EUR ING in Germany.

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