Page 40 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Association of Chartered Engineers of Iceland
Year of Adhesion : 1965
Estimated Number of Engineers in Iceland: 6 000
Declared engineers: 4 300
Number of EUR INGs: 17
Member associations: Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland (VFI) Engjateigur 9 - IS-105 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 5359300 - Fax: +354 5359311
www.v .is
    What have been the main key-activities (priorities) and/ or events of your national association over 2016-2017? How successful has the pursuit/implementation of those been?
VFI (Master Educated Engineers; Verkfræðingur and 3,5 years BSc Engineers; Tæknifræðingur; also BSc 3 years)
• VFI and TFI merged to one Association from 1 January
2017; VFI; Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland
• Engineers day held for the third time on April 7st 2017. The event gained great publicity in media and is very important to encourage young people to study engineering. New technology is presented and colleagues have opportunity to meet. Plays big role in recruiting new members
• VFI´family day. The Family day of engineering was held for the  rst time in August 2017 and was a great success. The event was held in Reykjavík's largest family park and there was free admission for the members of VFÍ and their families. The main attraction was a fun exhibition from the University of Iceland Science Center, educating children and adults about the wonders of science and technology
What do you foresee to be the next, future key-activities (priorities) of your national association and in how far can FEANI play a part/contribute to achieving those? Educational matters are of upmost importance as the profes- sional title is protected by special law in Iceland.
Are there any speci c expec- tations, feedback, etc. with regard to FEANI that you wish to share?
Cooperation with FEANI is very important. The VFI sees the FEANI INDEX (EEED) an important tool in the future.

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