Page 16 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Comité des Ingénieurs Belges - Belgisch Ingenieurscomité (CIBIC)
Year of Adhesion: 2008
Declared engineers: 54 000
Number of EUR INGs: 327
Member associations: The main Member Associations connected with CIBIC are the Fédération Royale des Associations Belges d'Ingénieurs civils, d'ingénieurs agronomes et bioingénieurs (FABI), Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging (KVIV), Union Francophone des Associations d'Ingénieurs Industriels de Belgique (UFIIB), Vlaamse Ingenieurskamer (VIK)
Rue Hobbemastraat 2 - 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 734 75 10 - Fax: +32 2 734 53 15 -
    The Belgian landscape is characterized by the fact that each Community (French and Dutch) is fully responsible of its educational policy and institutions (Universities and Higher Education Institutes). Consequently, the Alumni organizations are organized accordingly.
Regarding the French speaking part, there is for the time being no integration foreseen of the Higher Education Institutes (colleges) within the Universities. As a conse- quence, the two Alumni organizations (FABI and UFIIB) are still existing. Nevertheless, both organizations have decided more than 6 years to cooperate very closely in order to produce yearly statistics, to organize activities and to act together towards the Professional organiza- tions (Agoria, Construction, Chemistry, ...). The aim of such approach is to provide together a “one face“ to the external world in order to promote together the image and the role of the engineers in the society. Ultimately, the main objective is to convince more young students to choose for STEM studies.
For the Dutch part, at the beginning of the Bologna reform a threefold higher education system in Flanders consisted of professional bachelors and academic masters at higher education colleges (outside the university) and academic masters at the universities (this system was a result of the pre-Bologna period). Due to the Bologna reform the threefold higher education system in Flanders changed into a twofold system. Academic masters at the higher education colleges, outside the universities, integrated into the universities in 2013. The higher education colleges with the professional bachelors are now connected with the universities in associations.
Due to this integration one of the engineering education pro les joined the other at the university, but both education pro les kept their own speci city. As a conse- quence, the two professional engineering associations VIK and KVIV started negotiations to become one professional engineering association, ie-net ingenieursvereniging. This effectively started in 2016.

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