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                         Federation of Scienti c Technical Unions in Bulgaria (FNTS)
Year of Adhesion: 2004
Declared engineers: 15 000
Number of EUR INGs: 47
Member associations: FNTS brings together a number of 19 Associations and 34 Territorial organizations.
108 G.S.Rakovski Street - BG-1000 So a
National House of Science and Technique, - P.O. Box 431 Tel: + 359 2 98772 30 - Fax: + 359 2 98793 60 -
     The FEDERATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC ENGINEERING UNIONS (FNTS) in Bulgaria is a professional, scienti c and educational, non-governmental, non-political non-pro t association of legal entities - professional organizations registered under the Law on non-pro t legal entities, whose members are engineers, economists and other specialists in the  eld of science, technology, economy and agriculture. FNTS issues its own newspaper “Science and Society”. The members of FNTS issue 12 scienti c journals. FNTS operates a Vocational training center licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.
The main tasks of FNTS in the past period were:
• to promote the association as an important institution of the civil society, to increase public in uence and prestige of Bulgarian engineers, economists, specialists in agricul- ture, technicians, scientists and inventors;
• to assist and encourage the creative activity, profession- al interests and achievements of its members.
FNTS and its 50 members (national unions and territorial organization) organized  ve hundreds of scienti c and technical conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables and other events. Below a few prominent ones:
• International Conference: „Computer Systems and Tech- nologies - CompSisTech’16” dnd CompSisTech’17”
• International Conference: „Intelligent Systems IS’16: Me- thrology, Models, Applications in Emerging Technologies”

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