Page 15 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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 Platform 4.0
In the course of an enquete in May 2016 the open platform “Plattform 4.0.” was constituted in the ÖIAV. Everyone involved in planning, construction and operation is welcome as a contact person, thought leader and spokesperson.
The platform deals with the digitalization of the construction phase of buildings including planning and construction phases as well as facility management and demolition. It takes into account the consistent combination of science and practice by means of research projects, scienti c work and practical testing in model projects of dynamic development.
Academic Advisory Board
In June 2017, the Academic Advisory Board met for the  rst time to coordinate the work in order to update the FEANI- INDEX (now: EEED). In addition to the coordination of the work there is also the quality assurance/decision concerning the admission of study courses in the EEED. 

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