Page 62 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Slovenian National Committee for FEANI
Year of Adhesion : 1996
Estimated number of engineers: 10 460
Number of EUR INGs: 105
Member associations: The  rst interdisciplinary society of engineers was formed in Slovenia in 1911. In 1945, engineers and technicians united into the joint Association of Engineers and Technicians of Slovenia and now is changed in The Slovenian Engineers Association which has been working from then.
Zidovska 1 – SI-2000 Maribor (Secretariat of NC SI FEANI)
Karlovska 3 – SI-1000 Ljubljana (Slovenian Engineers Association)
Tel: +386 2 250 13 23 - Fax: +386 2 250 13 24
    National Activities
The Slovenian National Committee for FEANI is organised as a part of the Slovenian association of Engineers (SIZ) with its premises in Ljubljana. The Committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Karl Gotlih, with Prof. Dr. Marko Jagodic in charge of CPD and Prof. Dr. Valter Dolecek in charge of the NMC. We maintain good relationship with the University in Ljubljana and the University in Maribor and keep contacts to Deans of technical faculties. The main task of the Slovenian National Committee is to promote FEANI and its products in the society in Slovenia and to be the voice of Slovenian engineers in Europe.
International Activities
Until end of 2017, Prof. Dr. Karl Gotlih has been member of the FEANI Executive Board. Prof. Dr. Marko Jagodic has been member of the European Monitoring Committee (EMC), succeeded by Prof. Dr. Miroslav Premrov, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture at the University in Maribor, since end of 2017.
In June 2017, the Slovenian National Committee hosted the FEANI Executive Board meeting in Slovenia.

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