Page 61 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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Awards in 2017 were given in the following categories:
• Scientist (man) of the year of the Slovak Republic
• Scientist (woman) of the Slovak Republic
• Personality of the year in the  eld of Technology
• Personality of the year in the European Union
• Young person of Science
The representatives of advisory organizations
Science and Technology Week in the Slovakia
Every year ZSVTS participates in this complex event by a few activities: speech by the ZSDVTS President in opening ceremony of the Week, participation on Young Science and Technology Festival, awarding the Propagator of Science and Technology Prize in Slovakia, preparing more than 25 special and educational events, which are realized in the broader framework of the Science and Technology Week. In this period ZSVTS together with Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic organized a Conference Engineers and technicians at the transfer of knowledge.
EUR-ACE Accreditations
ZSVTS set up the ZSVTS Accreditation Center for the accreditation of technical study programmes and was authorized by ENAEE as Accreditation Agency to award the EUR-ACE label to technical study programmes according to the EUR ACE standards. After successful accredi- tation of four study programmes of the Slovak Technical Universities, the EUR-ACE certi cates were passed to representatives of these universities in September 2017. The press conference at this event was organized in ZSVTS House in Bratislava.
ENG Card Project
ZSVTS continued in this project by cooperation with the Czech Association of Scienti c and Technological Societies. 

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