Page 49 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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 Education status
For this year 2017/2018 we see a general increase of students applying to get into higher studies. Within ICT especially and STEM-studies in general, we also see an increase. For studies directly related to petroleum there is a major decrease in students.
FEANI North meeting
Both Tekna and NITO are engaged in several parts of FEANI, and have a good cooperation on a national level towards FEANI. The majority of activities since March 2017 has been to prepare for the FEANI North meeting in Iceland in August 2017 as well as the General Assembly in Vienna in October 2017.
FEANI Strategy process
Since the GA 2016, Norway has been discussing and working with the strategy proposal for the next GA. The discussions are focusing on how to bring FEANI forward and to make a sustainable organization that ful ll the values and bene ts of bringing all engineering organiza- tions in Europe together in FEANI.
NMC/EMC activities
The number of Norwegian engineers applying for the EUR ING title has been low the last years, and the same situation for 2017. The major work for the NMC has been entering and approving data for FEANI INDEX database merge and renewal. Since several of the Norwegian universities and university colleges merged in 2016/2017, the data should now be up to date in the new database.

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