Page 50 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Polish Federation of Engineering Associations
Year of Adhesion : 1992
Declared engineers: 51 000
Number of EUR INGs: 377
Member associations: "The Polish National Member of FEANI, i.e. the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (PFEA) as well as its Member Associations function on the basis of and in accordance with the Polish Law on Associations (Act of April 7 1989). Polish Federation of Engineering Associations is a non-governmental and self- nancing organization, which does not get subsidies from the government."
ul.Czackiego 3/5 - PL-00 043 Warszawa
Tel: +48 22 3361 260 - Fax: +48 22 3361 481
    The year of 2017 has been a very dif cult period for Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (PFEA). The most important matter was the arrangements with the Polish authorities regarding the  nancing of the Museum of Technology and Industry NOT (MTI). As a result, the agreement with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage was signed (22/12/2017) and the National Museum of Technology was established. It was created from the transformation of the Museum of Technology and Industry NOT. The agreement with the authorities of the City of Warsaw, which is the owner of the Palace of Culture and Science in which the Museum is located, will be signed in the  rst quarter of 2018. Agreement regarding the purchase of some exhibits from PFEA by the City will allow settling  nancial issues.
Despite these problems, PFEA has implemented a number of important projects, including:
• A plebiscite for the title of "Golden Engineer" promoting outstanding engineers in various categories was carried out 23 titles were awarded in 2017.
• In the beginning of 2018, the  nal of the "Master of Technology" Competition 2016/2017 took place. The competition is an important element of the promotion of Polish engineers and their achievements. The title of the Master of Technology 2016/2017 was awarded to a Polish company for creating an innovative Self-propelled bolting rig for mining purposes.

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