Page 25 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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 Association of Scienti c and Technical Societies and their involvement in the EYE activities.
Meeting with a Wine Glass
The Czech National Committee of FEANI and the Czech Association of Scienti c and Technical Societies hold regular meetings with a wine glass for their members to discuss present problems of science and technology after having given the preliminary information.
These meetings are combined with selected themes divided into 14 parallel sessions of WEC 2023, engineers’contributions and importance of engineering and other social problems. There were discussions on the theme of "Industry 4.0", "Smart Cities", "Secondary and Higher Education Standards" and "Future of Energy".
The Initial Discussions about Cooperation with BEST Prague
With reference to our existing agreement on cooperation between BEST EUROPE and FEANI, President of the Czech National Committee of FEANI doc. Trojan has met President of the BEST Prague Jan Špale and discussed their mutual cooperation. They state that both organizations engage in lots of joint activities and common goals which have been determined.
During the discussions they have agreed to possibilities for cooperation in some activities which they do and will continue talks about concretization of mutual relations.

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