Page 31 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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  • A thematic one-day event in Järveküla Gymnasium on 7 December 2017 in cooperation with the Estonian Re- search Council. Purpose:
• appropriateness of the curricula and assessment criteria in basic schools and upper secondary schools for the selection of the technology sphere by students;
•analysis of the factors that in uence the choice of students and mapping the problems;
• consistency of basic and extracurricular education;
• mapping of the prerequisites for the popularisation of engineering and potential solutions for the implemen- tation of such prerequisites.
• On-site meetings with representatives of companies: BLRT Grupp shipyards, AS Metaprint, ABB Baltics, Harju Elekter Grupp. Purpose: testing the role of the scientist and the engineer in the company’s innovation process; expanding the possibilities for involvement.
• International cooperation: participation in the FEANI Gen- eral Assembly, the 3rd European Engineers Day and the FEANI Nordic Group. Purpose: participation in working groups and obtaining European and global information about the prerequisites for the development of engineer- ing as well as the results achieved.
• Activities in the  eld of legal regulation: integrating EAE positions in the plan or the amendment of the laws on higher education.
Participation in the Paide Opinion Festival on 11 August 2017 with the session "Engineering Thought in Time"
• Results of the contest for EAE honorary titles:
• 2017 Engineer of the Year – Heino Harak, chairman of the board of KH-Energia Konsult AS;
• 2017 Technology Student of the Year – Mihkel Härm, doctoral student at Tallinn University of Technology.
• The end-of-year gathering of the EAE on 8 December 2017 in the hall of the Estonian Academy of Sciences featured a summary of the year and future guidelines. A presentation was held by Andres Tarand.

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