Page 30 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Estonian Association of Engineers
Year of Adhesion : 1995
Declared engineers: 911
Number of EUR INGs: 43
Member associations: Founded in 1921 as the Estonian Society of Engineers Re-established in 1988 under the name of the Estonian Association of Engineers (EAE). Membership: 19 legal entities. EAE comprises all the major engineering institutions in Estonia and represents Estonian engineers in matters of importance to the engineering profession as a whole. The major institutions, the founder members of the ERE, are
the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers and the Society of Estonian Mechanical Engineers. Associated with the Estonian Academy of Sciences since September 2008. Liivalaia 9, EE-10118 - TALLINN
Tel: +372 5236500 -
     The Estonian Association of Engineers (EAE) is a non-pro t association operating in public interests and bringing together sector-speci c organisations of engineers, trainers of engineers and innovative employers who are interested in advancement of engineering and technology.
In 2017, EAE focused on education and erudition by promoting technological education. Main activities of EAE in 2017:
• Foundation of the Estonian Science and Technology Museum. Purpose: educational activities, namely, revit- alisation of technical education; ensuring sustainability by means of collecting, preserving and communicating cultural heritage in the sphere of technology.
• Participation in the Paide Opinion Festival on 11 August 2017 with the session "Engineering Thought in Time". Purpose: o popularisation of the creative engineer’s competence to create technologies that can change the world;
• collecting the opinions and testing the priorities of stakeholders along the science – development/ engineering – industry chain;
• monitoring of the prerequisites of the motivation system for the improvement of knowledge, skills/experience and responsibility of a professional engineer.

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