Page 75 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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  future engineers, which could have interest for other FEANI members. This competition was divided into two parts. During the  rst one the level of school discipline knowledge was tested. It was theoretical test, which included answers on general questions as well as some calculations. At the beginning of the second part partici- pants were divided into 7 teams. Each team got same box with a number of units (both useful and useless for solving of future task). Each team should create the device and jury compared their ef ciency. The winners got small prizes ( g. 3).
3) 2017 was the year for re-registration according to new Law. Previous Law accepted only individual members for professional associations (NGOs). New Law assumes existence of two types: organization with individual members and union for associations as members. So, in should be the following new name of our organization: Pan-Ukrainian Union (as legal format) “Union of scien- ti c and engineering associations of Ukraine”. Looks slightly strange, but it was announced as new steps to Europe. Unfortunately, new Law didn’t foresee the procedure of transformation from one legal format into another one. Thus, the only legal way is to close old organization and open new one. It is extremely high risk in our corrupt country. So, we are  ghting to use common sense from April 2017 till now. The stages of our battle in 2017 included two General Assemblies with almost the same agendas, many meetings in Ministry of Justice, etc. As a result of these efforts (frankly saying, these were joint effort of all NGO community) we got promises from our Parliament that the Law would be corrected in 2018.
Prizes for young winners

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