Page 74 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Ukrainian National FEANI Committee (USEAU)
Year of Adhesion : 2014
Member associations: 39
Union of scienti c and engineering associations of Ukraine (USEAU) 21 Sichovikh Striltsiv St, Kiev, 04053, Ukraine
Ukraine - Tel: +38 (044) 272 14 61 - Fax: +38 (044) 272 42 44
    Our organization is new FEANI member, thus short formal introduction. We are comparably small organization with 2 persons as full-time staff. All the rest are working on voluntary base.
The activities of our organization were concentrated mainly into three directions in 2017, namely: 1) promotion of FEANI “products” (INDEX, Engineering Card, EUR ING) in our country; 2) support of school student demands to be engineer in future; 3) bureaucratic procedures for re-registration of USEAU. More details about these directions are below.
Dr. Nikolay Kiryukhin at the Forum of Space Youth
1) Ukraine has strong system for higher technical education, but is almost unknown in Europe. Thus, FEANI product implementation required “to invent” some speci c proce- dures to combine interests of all involved parties. As the result we created and agreed with FEANI EMC so called package application. Package application means INDEX plus 10 Engineering Cards, which are submitted simul- taneously. Package application was successfully tested for one engineering program from Kiev Polytechnic University. Activities in this direction also included the large number of meetings with professional societies (nuclear-; agriculture-; mechanical-; civil engineers) and technical universities in different regions of our country. The most important from these meetings was Forum of rectors of technical universities of Ukraine and Poland (April, 2017), where USEAU organized Round Table with more of 100 participants.
2) Ukraine still has wide system for after-school technical training. USEAU is a part of this system by organ- izing classes for young inventors/innovators in our premises in regions. We also has good cooperation with Pan-Ukrainian organization, like Junior Academy of Science of Ukraine and Union of Space Youth of Ukraine ( g. 1, 2). More details about Competition of

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