Page 66 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Swedish National Committee for FEANI
Year of Adhesion : 1960
Estimated number of engineers: 150 000
Number of EUR INGs: 327
Member associations: The Sveriges Ingenjörer is an exclusive service and professional organization for Sweden's graduate engineers and student members at the six technical universities and institutes.
Malmskillnadsgatan 48
Malmskillnadsgatan 48 - PO Box 1419 - SE - 111 84 Stockholm
Tel: + 46 8 613 80 00
    On national level things were quite calm until a PM from the government hit the table in the midst of July steering up feelings amongst those who are interested in the quality and competitiveness of Sweden’s Higher Education.
The PM introduces a small but very signi cant change in the Higher Education Act and demands of the universities not only to attract students from a broader part of society but also to make them succeed in in their studies. The Swedish system of higher education suffers from sub  nancing since years of expansion and the system already encourages teachers to make weak students take their grades since a part of each university’s/high school’s budget depends on the success of the student.
To ask from the universities a more complex support of weak students without adding funding caused serious concerns about the future quality of Swedish Higher Education. The government though, trough the minister of Higher Education Mrs Hellmark Knutsson, sees no cause to worry and thinks the success of students from non-academic background
can be secured through new and more innovative ways of teaching. If You want to follow the debate, please follow the links. tikel=6751253 styrning-skadlig-for-hogskolan/i/utvalt/om/ debatten-om-hogskolan ministern-det-handlar-inte-om-att-sanka-kraven ministern-det-handlar-inte-om-att-sanka-kraven
The suggested change has met with protests from several stakeholders.

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