Page 65 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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• De nition of the strategic lines of action of the SNC
• Attention and monitoring of the situation at the national level in the educational and professional  elds.
• Initiatives in relation with Certi cation of Professional Engineers
• Positions about problems of shortage, effects on mobility and recognition
• Collaboration in ideas for identi cation and registering as added values.
• Proposition for the inclusion of an additional thick when the engineering program allows professional recognition, in each national committee that like to introduce this ad- ditional information
• Proposition for adding a new internal group “Professional focused” to complement the academic experts group to contribute from FEANI
The Spanish National Committee has undertaken advances in certi cation of professional engineering formation pro les. This new certi cation system has been designed and followed from the two groups that make up FEANI's representation in Spain (IIE and INGITE), and that offer to engineers the possibility to certify their knowledge and professional activity recognized by the standardization authorities of of cial certi cation for professionals in the international standard ISO 17024: http://www.ingeniero- ;
The objective to increase the presence and knowledge of FEANI SNC is fundamental in the current times, in which the most industrialized countries have a great demand for
engineers. This year we must highlight the celebration of two important international meetings in our country, the one of the EMC - European Monitoring Committee - of FEANI and the one of the Countries of the South, both with an important participation. On the occasion of the celebration of both meetings, the Committee organized an institutional act of engineering that had the collaboration of the two Institutes, IIE and INGITE. In this event, under the title "Skills for European Engineering Professionals", personalities from the world of politics, academics and  rst-level professionals participated. Technological issues, present in the development of current engineering, were divided into three round tables:
INDUSTRY 4.0 -IMPLEMENTATION OF INDUSTRY 4.0 IN SPAIN AND EUROPE ● ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN ELECTRICITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN SPAIN AND EUROPE ● DIGITIZATION OF SOCIETY, PROFESSIONAL PROFILES AND EUROPEAN ENGINEERING PROJECTS- Trends in electricity. At each table, a member of FEANI participated. The day was a success. It was attended by more than a hundred engineers belonging to the different branches and areas of knowledge of different European countries. 

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