Page 59 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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   and collective, within a framework of sustainable devel- opment, through improving water management, including the protection of water ecosystems, and through preventing, controlling and reducing water-related disease.
The UETS Development Center has conducted for the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia a detailed analysis of the current mostly used risk management- based approaches to providing safe drinking water, in order to draft the Law on Water Safety for Human Use.
The UETS Development Center regularly participates in traditional annual International Conventions on Quality, organized by one of the UETS members.
Increase of energy ef ciency in Serbia is one of the priority tasks. Sector of electric lighting offers great opportunities for increasing energy ef ciency due to the rapid devel- opment of LED technology. Serbia must prepare for the LED future, creating appropriate legislation and promotion of appropriate incentive measures. The UETS is the driving force of this initiative.
Serbia's EU accession
The process is now under way and includes 35 thematic cha¬pters. The Candidate Countries are merely expected to demonstrate their ability to align themselves with the EU legislation and apply it in practice. The UETS pays special attention to the requirements of European legis- lation relating to Chapters 27, 25, 26, 15, 5, 7, 10, 11...
Promotion of the project EngineerING CARD and EUR ING title in Serbia
The UETS is responsible and continuously works for the introduction and promotion of the Engineering Card and EUR ING title in Serbia.
UETS 150th anniversary
In 2018 the UETS celebrates 150 years of existence.
In the second half of 2017, the UETS and its members began preparation for this anniversary, which will be followed by a series of events. Central Academy will be held in May 2018, and guests from abroad will be invited. Also, a scien- ti c symposium will be held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as a special exhibition dedicated to the history of the UETS at the Nikola Tesla Museum.

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