Page 57 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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  In 2016, the Russian Technical Society, whose successor is RUSEA, turned 150 years old. About 30 all-Russian and international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and forums were timed to this date.
RUSEA annually organizes scienti c and practical seminars "International scienti c and technical cooperation", which turned into a platform for the exchange of experience of representatives of production, scientists, university administrators. In 2016, such a seminar was held in Budva (Montenegro), and in 2017 - in Limassol (Cyprus).
Annually, since 2000, the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year" is held. About 70 thousand engineers from all over the country take part in it. The competition is widely known on the territory of the Russian Federation and is supported by federal and regional executive authorities.
Also, an annual competition is held for the youth prize "Hope of Russia" in the  eld of science and technology. The Youth Award "Hope of Russia" was included in the list of the most prestigious awards for outstanding achieve- ments in science and technology, education, culture, literature, art and mass media recognized in the Russian Federation by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.
RUSEA maintains friendly business relations with the assets of scienti c and technical associations of the CIS countries, responds to their initiatives, participates in the activities of their colleagues.
RUSEA actively cooperates with the China Association of Science and Technology, organizing joint engineering forums and seminars.
In October 2017, the RUSEA congress was held, at which the new Secretary General was elected - candidate of technical sciences, academician of the International Academy of Engineering Sciences, Sergei Drukarenko.
In December 2017, FEANI Secretary General Dirk Bochar made a visit to RUSEA. At the meeting with him were raised such important issues as the accreditation of educational programs and the certi cation of engineering personnel in accordance with European standards, the submission of the Russian Federation to the European Monitoring Committee, to which the adviser from RUSEA was recom- mended by the Head of the Department of The National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Professor Nikolai Kalashnikov, discussion of the strategic plan of FEANI until 2023 and other issues of mutually bene cial and fruitful cooperation between organizations.

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