Page 56 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Russian Union of Scienti c and Engineering Associations (RUSEA)
Year of Adhesion : 2007 Declared engineers: 110 000 Number of EUR INGs: 6 Member associations:
1. Interregional Scienti c and Technical Society of Woodworking Industry
2. Russian Society of Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management
3. The Russian Geological Society
4. Russian Engineering and Technical Society of Railway Workers
5. The Russian Ceramic Society
6. Scienti c and technical society of oil and gas workers named after academician I.M.
7. Russian scienti c and technical society of radio engineering, electronics and
communications named after A. Popov
8. Russian Scienti c and Technical Welding Society
9. The Russian Scienti c and Technical Society of Shipbuilders named after
Academician A.N. Krylov
10. The Russian Chemical Society named after D.I. Mendeleyev
11. Society of Aircraft Builders
12. Nuclear Society of Russia
13. Tunneling Association of Russia
14. Euro-Asian Geophysical Society
15. Russian Union of Textile and Colorist Chemists
16. Scienti c and technical association of scientists and specialists in transport
17. Nanotechnological Society of Russia
18. Russian Scienti c and Technical Vacuum Society named after Academician S.A.
19. Hoisting and transport scienti c and technical society: regional associations of
20. Association of Technical Universities
21. A non-departmental expert council on aerospace matters
22. The Russian Youth Polytechnic Society
23. All-Russian public organization "Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A.M.
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