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                          Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri (CNI)
Year of Adhesion : 1951
Declared engineers: 17 801
Member associations: The Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri was founded in 1925 in accordance with law n.2537 of October 23, 1925. Today CNI is the legal representative of Italian engineers with institutional duties for the defence of the important interests of the entire profession.
Via XX Settembre 5 - I - 00165 ROMA
Tel. : +39 06 853 54739 - Fax : +39 06 697 67050 -
    The National Council of Italian Engineers (CNI) is the institu- tional national body representing the professional category of the Italian engineers.
CNI is a non-economic public institution, established in 1944 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. CNI plays a signi cant role in: promoting, devel- oping and safeguarding the  gure of the Engineer in the society; providing the Continuing Professional Development and ensuring the quality of the professional performances. Activities and objectives of CNI give high importance to the following topics: safety and security of people and goods, environment protection, safeguarding of the natural resources, sustainable development, scienti c and techno- logical progress, and enhancement of the intellectual work.
CNI (in cooperation with UNI, our Italian National Standards Body) has created the Italian Agency for the certi cation of competencies (CERT’ing), with the speci c aim to make identi-  able the competencies of the Italian engineers, enrolled in our order system, by validating the competencies acquired
during their work life. CERT’ing involves all roles of engineers and the certi cation system CERT’ing is being validated to the ISO 17024.
As part of our commitment inside FEANI, it would be our wish to involve all the countries, whose Associations and Institutions recognize the certi cation of competencies as a requirement for the registration in their registers. Our goal would be comparing their certi cation systems and creating a new path for the mutual recognition of engineers.
Another important presence inside FEANI concerns the representation in the EMC; regarding our future activities related to the FEANI scope of interest, we are interested in the remote maintenance of the FEANI INDEX (EEED), the reconsideration of the position of CNI concerning the EUR ING title, as well as the promotion of the mobility and the mutual recognition of the profession of engineer. 

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