Page 22 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         FEANI Cyprus National Committee
Year of Adhesion : 1970
Declared engineers: 2 300
Number of EUR INGs: 88
Member associations: Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) - 4 members in Cyprus FEANI National Committee; Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association (CCEAA) - 2 members in Cyprus FEANI National Committee; Cyprus Professional Engineers Association (CPEA) - 2 members in Cyprus FEANI National Committee.
8, Kerverou Street - P.O.Box: 21826
1513 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: + 357 22 877644 - Fax: + 357 22 730373 -
     During last year, FEANI Cyprus National Committee has been active, preparing  rst of all, analytic guidelines in Greek Language in order to help Cypriot Engineers to apply for the Eur. Ing. Title. The committee also  nished the Engineering Education Database for Cyprus, which is already sent to FEANI secretariat in order to revise the European Engineering Education Database.
Moreover, the organizations that consists the Cyprus FEANI National Committee, organized during the last year several educational programmes and information events for the Engineering profession. In addition to the above, it is worthy to mention the organisation of the contest ‘Actions to save Energy’ which concerns the secondary education students in Cyprus. Students from various schools of Cyprus had the possibility to compete constructing and presenting various projects for saving energy and preserving the environment.
Another important action was the organisation of the ‘Engineering days Event’ which included various events for the engineers and lead to the Engineering prize Award for the best engineering project, idea or action.

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