Page 20 - Annual Report 2016-2017
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                         Croatian Engineering Association (HIS)
Year of Adhesion : 2010
Declared engineers: 35 000
Member associations: HIS, Croatian Engineering Association is non-governmental and non-for-pro t organisation founded in 1878. HIS is association of 32 members, Engineering societies of different professional orientation and 10 supporting members mostly technical universities and HEI.
Berislaviċeva 6, HR - 10000 Zagreb
Tel: + 385 1 48 80 985 - Fax: + 385 1 48 72 491
    Croatian FEANI National Committee is pleased to report a good progress of Croatian Engineering Association, HIS, in 2016-2017 particularly in increasing the visibility of HIS, in its effort being recognized as the authoritative voice of Croatian engineers. The challenges are to in uence the main technical, economical, production and other questions of technology, economy development and improving the quality of life in Croatia and beyond. Strengthening our national, European and global relationship is the priority and the basis for improving the way we do things.
Our independence from  nancial support gives us strengths in dialogues with relevant partners, institutions, educational institutions as well as with governmental institutions when discussing strategic questions relating to technology, education programmes or reindustriali- zation and related economy.
The key topic is the ongoing discussion on education, education of engineers for future and its recognition across Europe and wider. In order to contribute to the work on mobility through FEANI effective instruments as the FEANI INDEX, the EUR ING and the Engineering
Card, we continued stimulating the HEIs for participation. Evaluation of HEIs/engineering programmes to be enrol into FEANI INDEX are continuously working. HIS regularly review and improve the procedures for this purpose.
The main activities of the Croatian Engineering Association in cooperation with FEANI in this period were:
• participating in the project ERASMUS+: “Creation of the system for the documentation and validation of non-for- mal and informal learning”, started in 2015,  nalized in 2017 and presented to the target population on 17th of May 2017. Partners in the Project were: Thomas Kiefer (VDI-project coordinator), Bochar Dirk (FEANI), Alfredo Soeiro (U.Porto), Zora Vidovencova (SCVTS). Gotlih Karl (NC Sl) and Vjera Krstelj (HIS)
• participating in the FEANI WG on Common Training Prin- ciples and in the FEANI strategic non-Board members Task Force

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